Quality Control Program

Mechanical Design Systems is dedicated to provide outstanding quality in all aspects of the mechanical systems that they install.  Materials and equipment supplied and installed by Mechanical Design Systems on their projects will utilize “Industry”
Standards” as a bare minimum in relation to quality.  It is our belief that quality equipment and integration will provide our clients with an economical first cost on the base-building system that will be relatively free of warranty calls once the system has been started up and balanced.  This will keep both the owner and their prospective tenants free to pursue their business in a comfortable atmosphere.

To insure that the quality of our installed systems is meeting the standards that we have set there is a four-tiered “Checks and Balances” system in place for identifying problem areas.  The first level (on larger projects where the schedule will allow) is the shop drawing phase. In this phase the  The second level is the installation of the systems.  The onsite foreman is responsible for maintaining the quality of the systems, and inspecting the work of the crews under him.  The onsite foreman inspects the work on a daily basis and refers to the office for any problems or questions he might have regarding the initial installation.

 Once the work is completed our Service Department, in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer, performs the start-up on the systems and identifies any problems they encounter with the installation of the systems for correction.  As a final check when the system is balanced any discrepancies or problems will be identified and corrected before the final balance report is issued.  Additionally, and as a final and outside source of inspection of our work, the design engineer (on design-build projects) will perform field inspections of the installation throughout the duration of the project.  This will provide an additional level of inspection to insure that the quality of the installation meets the “Industry Standard as a Minimum” level we have set forth as our bare minimum for quality.